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The Meatlump

The Meatlump

The Meatlump depicts a grotesque, raw and vulnerable fusion of three bodies. We follow the evolution from single celled organisms to complex, absurd body pile. The three bodies compete with each other and fight for space, but are, at the same time, deeply dependent on each other.


Together they build beautiful body machines and towers that reach for the sky. But behind every caring touch lurks an insatiable hunger. The Meatlump explores our intense urge for intimacy and touch and the relationship between our loving and destructive impulses.


Director: Morten Arnfred 

Choreography and Performance: Julie Rasmussen, Maren Fidje Bjørneseth and Rickard Fredborg

Photography and Postproduction: Morten Arnfred

Dramaturgy and Music: Dan Nicholson

Light technician: Madeleine Lind Hoppe

Additional sound mix: Tor Laurens

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